Video Projects

VLOG Episode 2
VLOG Episode 1
“Silver Beach” is a B-Roll Challenge Video that I shot with my iPhone XS Max and edited with Adobe Premiere.
“Balloons” is a B-Roll Challenge Video that I shot with my iPhone XS Max and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Freelance Project Work

TopstepTrader Funded Trader

TopstepTrader Funded Trader Video edited by Jacob Hagloch

Patriot Personal Training

All Pets Wellness Center

 After Effects Videos

 River Internship Videos

Red Ribbon Week

This video was shot by Dan Funk and edited by myself. The River wanted to show support for Red Ribbon Week, which is a drug awareness week.

Cock-A-Doodle Brew Fest 2015

All of the “Meet the Brewer” videos lead to this one video of the event. Ever since I was introduced to this event, I knew what song I wanted to use. “Rock-A-Doodle” from my childhood movie, Rock A Doodle. I used my own camera for the shots and edited on FCPX.

Church Street Brewing

Joe and Lisa capped us off with the Brew Fest “Meet The Brewer” Videos. They are such a warm and welcoming couple that started this company together.


Pollyanna in Lemont was a very fun time. To be at a place that is fully supported and fully supports the community was very welcoming. I really enjoyed how they name their beers from culture and background of the town and having tasted the “Full Lemontey”, I’d say that’s one of my favorites. 🙂

Three Angels Brewing

This video includes an interview with Three Angels Brewing to promote Cock-A-Doodle Brew Fest held Oct. 10th 2015. I shot and edited this video. All of the equipment used is my own. A Sony HD Handycam, (3) Samson USB condenser microphones, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand and my MacBook Pro.

Granite City

Granite City in Naperville was a lot of fun and Chase was a very cool guy to get to know. Also, the process of how they brew their beer is the most interesting of all.

2015 ‘Float Your Boat’/95.9 The River

This video was recorded and edited by just me! After loving the River Prom video, Nick Jakusz invited me back out to do a video in my hometown of Naperville at Centennial Beach. It was such a great experience and I only had my personal Sony HD Handycam to record with but overall it turned out to be a great video.

2015 River prom/ 95.9 the river

This is a video recorded/edited by myself, Marcus Patton and Nick Miller. Thanks to Nick Jakusz and the River people, we had a great time making this video and an even more wonderful time at River Prom. CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK FOR 2016!!!

School Project Videos

Cantigny Park News Package

Our last class for the school is in News Broadcast. The first project was to create a news package. I am very proud of what my group (James Arndt, Shamari Stewart and myself) did. The camera work is myself and James for the most part. The written copy is Shamari and I conducted the editing on FCPX.

Second Class Music Video “Teenage Love”

A music video once again done by the best group of people at ICB. “Teenage Love” is an original piece by the band Double Identity. Two very talented 16 year old girls that play the drums, guitar and sing.

Class Music Video Project “Parking Lot Party”

A music video done by one of the best groups at ICB. Matt Vega, Marcus Patton, James Ardnt, Nick Miller and myself (Jacob Hagloch). We had an entire music video planned and ready to go but with one snag, the subject of our video was sent on a training week! So putting our minds together and to the grind we came up with “Parking Lot Party” by Lee Brice and literally threw a party in the school parking lot. Overall, it turned out to be one fun day and a good music video.



“Whatcha Know” Game Show Intro

This is a video that I recorded and produced for my class project at Illinois Center for Broadcasting. I edited with Final Cut Pro X and used Photo Shop for the individual cutouts.

Stitcher Radio (Commercial)

This is also a class project that I wrote the concept, treatment and script for. I then filmed edited and produced. I submitted the final product to the Illinois Center for Broadcasting (ICB) Commercial Fest Awards and finished in the top three.

Chat On Tap/Crappy News

so… my instructor, friend, teacher, confidant… whatever you wish to call him, had our class come up with a video to post on youtube and our websites. the only requirements were that it had to be 2 – 3 minutes and have a twist ending. having thought of two ideas, i took on this one for crappy news and helped my co-host/anchor and friend marcus patton with the other idea. above is my video and below is his. please know that these are stupid videos and that the news articles are ACTUALLY real!

Western Game Of Cards

Pre-I.C.B. Stuff

Haunted Graveyard

 2010 Redhawks LaCrosse Video

starting to be an oldie but a goodie. I made this for my brother Joseph’s senior year of lacrosse. to this day i still miss going to see him play but at least this video remains. i hope you enjoy it and get as pumped as I get watching it.

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