Subtractive EQ

I have been editing audio for many years now. Mostly blind, in the dark, not knowing what I’m doing or how to actually affect the waveform and get what I want out of it. I didn’t really think about waveforms in general. I just recorded something, recorded something else and slapped everything together. Maybe adjust … More Subtractive EQ

Radio Plays Making A Comeback In Podcasting!

A BRIEF HISTORY Ever since Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered radio waves in 1888. The science for radio has continued to grow and expand to a level far more sophisticated than ships being able to talk to each other at sea. The next step was radio broadcasting which led to America’s first commercially licensed station in 1920, KDKA. … More Radio Plays Making A Comeback In Podcasting!


Here are some of the photoshopped images that i have created along with a little background info!  This is a concept that I had to make for a country music festival. I always enjoyed playing the computer game “The Oregon Trail” when I was going to Elementary School and that just stuck with me. I … More PHOTOSHOP IMAGES!