About Me


My name is Jacob Hagloch and I am 28 years old. I have been around media all of my life, with my father working at a marketing company and acting in Chicago on the side. I also took part in some of the theater productions at my father’s company (St. Sebastian Players) and grew a love for putting on a performance. Over the time my performances grew from being on stage acting to playing instruments. After being in a few rock bands and picking up tips and tricks along the way, I met my future wife and had two kids. Having the responsibilities of a family made me money orientated INSTEAD of creative but the creative side never fully went away. In the various jobs I had to support my new family, I looked for ways that I could use my left brain to improve my work around me. I started a comedy podcast in 2012 with my brother(s) and some friends. One day a guest on the show told me about this school that his sister attended called the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and suggested that I check it out. After taking a tour I was hooked and knew that I would be at home there. Currently I am two weeks from graduation, happy and full of knowledge to make my way into the field.


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