Totally Freaking Out Right Now!

Okay, so with a few exceptions, my articles have been primarily professional. Other than my  movie reviews nothing really has my opinions or just reactions. Well here is some events that probably won’t seem like much to you but has definitely impacted ME in a BIG way!

I think I may have mentioned before that I am currently a student at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting in Lombard. #ICBLombard While attending this fine institution, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the coolest, greatest, honorable and respectable people you could ever know. I had the privilege of meeting Andy Avalos and getting a behind the scenes look at the Channel 5 news room.


Let me tell you, that man works harder than any person I have ever seen. I came to call him the white rabbit, from Alice in Wonderland, because he is CONSTANTLY MOVING!!! When he is not in weather room manipulating the different screens and graphics that nobody thinks to notice, he’s in front of the camera. Not reading a script but spouting out his spiel from memory. Absolutely mind blowing to think that a single man memorizes what the weather is going to do for the day, say it at least a hundred different ways (OFF BOOK!) and when he’s not doing that he’s adjusting the graphics for the different parts of the day. If it’s sunnier than when he started at 3AM then he makes it sunnier. If it’s foggy, he adds fog and the same for rain and whatever other weather possibilities there are. Not something that you really think to notice but your mind does. Andy also is in charge of his own twitter account to try and keep up with what we’ve come to know as the speed of today’s American culture. We don’t have time to watch the news anymore. We’d rather get a clip of what the day is going to bring on some app or on twitter and Facebook. He’s had to adjust and adapt to that way of thinking. Just another thing to add to the list of the forever busy ‘White Rabbit’.

untitled-0984-editAnother person that I had the privilege of ‘meeting’ is the up and coming artist OMI. One day a teacher/faculty member of my school emailed me and asked if I was willing and available to do an interview with the musical artist OMI on our school radio station, The Edge. Knowing absolutely nothing about this person and what his music was I of course said, “Hell yeah, I will!” That night I went home and researched OMI on youtube. I figured if he was a musician, he probably had a channel and a music video. Boy was I right! The night before the interview I found out that the faculty member was going to take the lead in the interview but emailed me his bio and synapses on two documents. I read them and wrote down my little questions that I thought to be professional and the next day, walked into that radio studio and interviewed OMI via Skype.

To be perfectly honest, I was quite nervous. I am not sure if many of you know who this artist is but he derives from Jamaica. My main worry, other than looking/sounding like an idiot in front of my teacher and live on air, was not being able to understand him due to a thick Jamaican accent. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and the interview went really well. You can listen to it by clicking THIS link. Not to get the relevance to the title of this post… artworks-000080011906-voy444-t500x500

It was like two day’s ago that the first incident happened. I drive a 2015 Hyundia Elantra, with the works, Including the optional Sirius/XM Radio! Since SiriusXM cost money, I, like a lot of American’s, only listen to the free channel and on free promotional weeks. It’s not that I don’t like satellite radio, I actually really do enjoy the content it provides, just not enough to pay for it. The only channel that comes in if you don’t pay for it is the Hits1 promotional channel that plays probably top 40. It was on this platform that I heard OMI’s chart climber, “Cheerleader”. I thought to myself, “Hey, I interviewed that guy! That’s sweet that he’s on XM.” turned up the volume, listened to the song and left it at that. Tonight, incident number two happened! The only T.V. that I really watch is that of the Apple variety. I own an Apple TV and use pretty much what ever Apps there are to use for video, music and entertainment. One of the cool things about Apple TV is that it is also attached to the iTunes store. So any movie, t.v. show, music video and song can be played through your TV screen. It also recommends content, which is mostly the chart toppers. Low and behold, when I was on Apple TV tonight there it was! OMI’s “Cheerleader” recommended for music download! All I have to say is this… I like to think that in some small way, I helped get him to the top. LOL!

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