Here are some of the photoshopped images that i have created along with a little background info!

OTCMF This is a concept that I had to make for a country music festival. I always enjoyed playing the computer game “The Oregon Trail” when I was going to Elementary School and that just stuck with me. I really want to see this thing happen but it is a distant future.

DEARAgain, playing back to school memories, I created a book mark that reads “D.E.A.R.” (Drop Everything And Read). This was a time in class that was one of my favorites. The teacher would shout out “DEAR TIME!” and I would have to drop what I was doing, grab a book and find a spot to read. AH! The memories!


This is what I like to call the “Halgoch Media” company logo! If I am going to start making a name for myself, I felt that it was time to have a brand. What are your thoughts?

The following photoshopped images can be seen in my video for the “Game Show Intro”. It was A LOT of work for only 20 seconds of “air-time” but I feel like it turned out GREAT!

MoviesMusic CategoryT.V. Show Page

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