My Thoughts About Movies

Pirate-Radio-Gallery-10Pirate Radio Review

A movie that I watched this week was ‘The Boat That Rocked’(2008), which was renamed ‘Pirate Radio’. Being based off a true story and starring actors such as Academy Award Winner, Philip Seymour Hoffman (Red Dragon), Bill Nighy (Love Actually) and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) I expected this movie to be quite fantastic. In truth, I felt that it fell a little short. The previews, to me, seem to depict a story about Britain in the 1960’s and the fight against the persecution of Rock N’ Roll music. Using Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, ‘The Count’, an American disc jockey who starts an off shore radio station, the people of Britain obtain their longing for rock music. However, in my opinion, this movie starts too late in the story and lacks development for the characters. Instead of focusing on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, the main character seems to be a young man, exiled on his godfather’s boat that is a radio station. Other than my disappointment with the story line, I enjoyed the movie very much. I found the characters to be very humorous, enjoyable, inspirational and the music was fantastic. Another thing that I enjoyed was the radio equipment on the boat. When in class, Rich Renik showed us some pictures of a historical radio station from the 60’s and the movie appeared to be very true and authentic. Overall, I would rate this movie a six out of ten and would recommend this movie to my friends and family but would caution them NOT watch the previews first!

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